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Active Services Digital now partners with several technology providers in Mauritius to help our clients achieve their goals more easily and increase their sales massively.

Discover our technology partners

MIPS - Digital Payment Solutions in Mauritius

MIPS is a pure technology provider, facilitating technical integrations between a merchant digital ecosystem and means of payments providers. Whether you’re a Mauritian eCommerce business or a Mauritian retailer, a smooth offer of integrated feature oriented digital payments with all your merchant ecosystem will help win consumer confidence and reduce your indirect costs.

TiZean Creasion

TiZean Creasion - Branding - Photography - Videography - Social Media Management

TiZean Creasion helps small businesses get the video they need to bring their products to life.
We have everything from high-quality videography and photography services to animated videos, all personalized for you.

Company Automator - Business Automation

Company Automator is a cutting-edge business automation platform designed to revolutionize internal processes for companies across diverse industries. With a comprehensive suite of features and unmatched flexibility, Company Automator offers tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client, setting it apart from traditional SaaS platforms.

Bled Creations - Web Agency Morocco

Bled Creations is our sister web development agency focusing on the Moroccan Market. Bled Creations is currently focusing on Web Development and eCommerce Development for the Moroccan Market.

Visit their website to learn more about the work accomplished.

Infoclub Ltd - Best IT Courses Training Provider in Mauritius

Accredited by local educational authorities as well as international organisations for over 30 years, INFOCLUB Ltd provides services to local and international clients.

  • We conduct IT, Business and Management Training.
  • We provide IT Consulting and develop solutions to help in digital transformation.
  • We provide and support IT Solutions from well-known vendors.

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