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Ready to level up your online game? Welcome to the future of web hosting in Mauritius, brought to you by the web wizards at Active Services Digital. Let’s dive into the world of lightning-fast websites and hosting solutions that won’t break the bank.

The Heartbeat of Your Website - Reliable Web Hosting

Alright, let’s talk shop! Your website needs a solid foundation, like a sturdy base for a Sega dance. In this digital age, web hosting is the unsung hero that keeps your online presence alive and kicking.

The Need for Speed and Reliability

Picture this: you’re hosting a beach party, and the DJ plays a séga track. The beats need to be spot-on, right? Similarly, your website’s speed and reliability are crucial. We’ll make sure your website doesn’t miss a beat, even during the online rush hour.

Why Web Hosting Matters in Mauritius

Mauritians love efficiency, whether it’s ordering alouda at a street corner or loading a website. Our hosting solutions are designed to match the speed of your business, ensuring your website loads faster than a dodo bird running a marathon.

Why Active Services Digital for Web Hosting Mauritius

Now, why choose us? Well, we’re not just tech nerds; we’re your digital sidekicks. Let’s explore why Active Services Digital is your go-to for web hosting in Mauritius.

Your Local Digital Sidekick

We get it; navigating the online world can be like trying to find the best roti shop in Rose Hill. With Active Services Digital, consider us your local guide, steering you through the vast web hosting landscape with ease.

Tailored Solutions, Just for You

Remember the last time you got a custom-made shirt? Your website deserves the same treatment! We provide hosting solutions tailored to fit your business like a perfectly stitched shirt, ensuring it stands out in the online crowd.

Hosting Solutions Affiliated with Hostmycode

Alright, let’s spill the beans. We’ve teamed up with Hostmycode to bring you hosting solutions that are not just fast and reliable but also easy on the pocket.

Meet Our Partners - Hostmycode

Think of Hostmycode as the cool uncle who knows all the shortcuts. We’ve teamed up with them to offer hosting solutions that are not only affordable but also pack a punch in the speed department. It’s like having the fastest Ferrari on the digital highway.

The Winning Combo: Fast and Affordable Hosting

Hosting solutions shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket; that’s like paying the price of a fresh coconut for a fancy cocktail. With Active Services Digital and Hostmycode, you get the best of both worlds – high-speed hosting without breaking the bank.

Our Web Hosting Services

Enough talk; let’s get into the nitty-gritty. We’ve got hosting plans to suit every digital need, like a menu with options for every taste.

Shared Hosting - The Social Butterfly

As From Rs 640/year

Imagine your website is a cozy gathering with friends. Shared hosting is like hosting it at your place. It’s cost-effective and perfect for websites with moderate traffic – a digital hangout that won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

VPS Hosting - Your Exclusive Virtual Haven

As From Rs 320/month

Stepping it up a notch! VPS hosting is like having your private VIP section at a séga party. It offers more control and resources, perfect for businesses with a growing online guest list.

Dedicated Server Hosting - The Grand Ballroom

As From Rs 3200/month

Ready to host a digital gala? Dedicated server hosting is the grand ballroom of hosting solutions. Maximum control, top-notch performance – ideal for large enterprises that want to dazzle their online audience.

Our Digital Advantage

Alright, what sets us apart? It’s not just about hosting; it’s about ensuring your online journey is as smooth as sipping sugarcane juice on a hot summer day.

Personalized Support - More than Just 1s and 0s

We’re not just code; we’re humans who understand the challenges you face. Our personalized support is like having a local friend in the digital world – always ready to guide you.

Security Measures - Guarding Your Digital Fort

Your website’s security is our top priority. We implement measures so robust; they’re like the walls of an ancient fortress. Your data is as safe as a treasure trove guarded by the mythical Tamarind.

Continuous Monitoring - Like Having a Watchman

We keep an eye on your website 24/7. It’s like having a digital watchman ensuring your online presence is secure and performing at its best, much like the guardians of our sacred sites.

Choosing the Right Hosting Plan

Picking a hosting plan is like choosing the right spice for your curry. Let’s find the perfect blend that suits your digital taste.

Assessing Your Website's Spice Level

Just like not everyone loves a spicy vindaye, not every website needs the same hosting. We’ll guide you through assessing your website’s spice level – from mild and shared to blazing hot and dedicated.

Planning for Growth - Like Planting a Mango Tree

Your website is like a mango tree; it starts small but can grow into something magnificent. We’ll help you plant the seeds for growth, ensuring your hosting plan is as sturdy as the roots of our majestic Bambous trees.

FAQs - Answering Your Hosting Queries

We know you’ve got questions; let’s tackle them one by one, like solving a riddle during a beach picnic.

  • Absolutely! We’ve built security measures stronger than the foundation of our historic sites. Your website is safer than a secret beach spot known only to the locals.

  • Of course! It’s like upgrading from a scooter to a sleek motorcycle. We make the transition smooth, ensuring your website’s evolution is as exciting as the annual Grand Bassin pilgrimage.
  • We’ve got your back! Our support team is like that friend who always picks up the phone. Day or night, we’re here to ensure your website is as reliable as the sunrise over Le Morne Brabant.

Our Web Services

Active Services Digital is an expert web agency based in London and Port Louis. We offer the best web development services and media buying services to mauritian and UK Businesses

Web Development

We have developped web apps and high-ranking websites for clients all over the world. We are currently working on projects for clients in Mauritius, England, Australia and Morrocco. Take your web solutions further today.

Media Buying

Active Services specializes in providing top-notch media buying services to businesses of all sizes. We understand the power of strategic media placement and the impact it can have on reaching your target audience effectively.

Client Reviews - Success Stories

Enough about us; let’s hear from the real heroes – our clients. They trusted us, and their websites are now shining like a starlit night in Black River.

Web Hosting Mauritius


There you have it, fellow digital explorer! The world of web hosting in Mauritius is at your fingertips. With Active Services Digital, your website isn’t just hosted; it’s celebrated. Contact us, and let’s turn your online presence into a digital carnival!

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